Health and safety is just as important on your winter holiday as it is on your summer trip

Holiday health and safety tends to be something people reserve for the summer. Once the days get shorter and the temperature drops, all thoughts of staying safe abroad go out the window. But increasing numbers of us are choosing the spend some time overseas during the colder months, with more than 40 million budding skiers venturing to resorts around the world at this time of year.

And while undeniably fun, snow sports and winter getaways can also be the source of several health and safety risks. From high speed activities to remote environments, there are plenty of factors to consider and preparations to be made if you want to enjoy your holiday safely. Luckily, we’re here to take you through them.

Make sure you’re all set

Snow sports like skiing and boarding might be fun, but they are also demanding. It’s important that when you engage in these sports you aren’t shocking yourself into fitness after a period of lethargy, as this can greatly increase your chance of injury. Introduce a regular fitness regime into your routine before you go to avoid strains and sprains.

Practice, practice, practice

Heading to the gym is good, but specifically practising the sport you’ll be enjoying abroad is even better. Try to fit in some lessons before you go to help reduce your risk of injury and allow you to feel more confident while away.

Get informed

As is the case with any holiday, it’s important to do your research beforehand. For winter getaways, not only is it important to research local amenities and transport services, but you also need to explore specific insurance covers and nearby rescue services.

Stock up on the right gear

It may be a poor workman who blames his tools, but when it comes to sports it’s imperative to have all the necessary equipment. However, don’t feel you need to spend huge amounts for the sake of it. Keep your purchases limited to gear which is going to improve your comfort and safety.

Keep one eye on the weather

No matter how impressive your resort is, keep in mind that you are still in a mountain environment and therefore need to be aware of both the weather and the climate. If extreme weather conditions are expected, be sure to play it safe and seek shelter.

Stay on track

Use all the resort information available – that’s what it’s there for. This will keep you informed on all the relevant protocol should something happen. Also, be sure to stick to the track when skiing. Not only will this reduce your chances of experiencing an injury, but if something does happen then it will be a lot easier for someone to spot you and help.

Warm up and cool down

As is the case with any demanding physical activity, it’s vital that you warm up beforehand and cool down afterwards. This will help to keep you limber and reduce the likelihood of a serious injury occurring.

Cover all health bases

Look after your health by covering all bases. As well as the usual painkillers, cold medication and first aid kit, you should also remember to bring sunscreen along. Despite the lower temperature, the bright sun reflecting off the snow can cause significant skin damage if you aren’t protected. You should also research whether any vaccinations are required for your destination, as you would with any summer holiday. Doing this will give you peace of mind that you are as prepared as possible before you set off.

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