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Airlines’ dirty little secret

It’s the stuff of nightmares. Impostors board a commercial jet and infiltrate the cabin to poison the passengers. It may sound like something from a Hollywood movie starring Bruce Willis or Wesley Snipes but actually it happens hundreds of times a day on flights travelling from every airport on Earth. […]

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The Rise of the Flashpacker

More and more young people are opting for a gap year before they head to university. From Australia to Africa, Vietnam to Venezuela, the prospect of an exciting adventure-filled year has proven to be a big draw for school leavers. Yet many of these youths are no longer roughing it […]

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Could Madagascan getaway have bubonic plague?

Madagascar, with its many thousands of kilometres of picturesque coastline, is often considered an idyllic holiday destination. Perfect for relaxing and basking in the beauty of your surroundings, it boasts vast coral reefs brimming with life and acting as the home for a range of weird, wonderful and rare plant […]

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The World’s Healthiest Places To Visit

  A trip abroad doesn’t necessarily have to mean leaving behind your healthy habits. Indeed, when you travel it can more often than not mean visiting somewhere much healthier than home. Cleaner air, a more relaxed lifestyle, fresh, organic food – all can be found overseas. But where to go? […]

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