Bali has been voted the most desirable place in the world to travel this year, according to a new poll by Trip Advisor

According to Trip Advisor, Bali is the number one travel destination in the world for 2017. Over four million tourists visited the island in 2016. But what exactly makes Bali such a desirable destination for travellers? And how can you stay safe and make the most of your visit?

It’s terrifically tropical

Bali is located close to the equator, meaning you’re guaranteed a warm climate whenever you visit. There are essentially two seasons you’ll come across in Bali: Wet Season (November – March) and Dry Season (April – October). Dry Season sees the temperature at a balmy 30+ degrees every day, making for perfect summer weather. Even Wet Season only consists of an hour or two of rain a day and a slightly cooler breeze.

It’s full of beautiful beaches

Bali has an endless shoreline of idyllic white sand beaches, so all you need to do is take your pick. From beaches famous for their water sports like Padang Padang to popular tourist beaches in Legian and Kuta, there’s something for everyone. Be sure to stay at the beach until evening time when you’ll get to see a famous Bali sunset with your own eyes.

It’s incredibly diverse

Bali brings people and travellers from all over the world together in one beautifully diverse landscape. It blends the very best of both Eastern and Western culture into a perfect amalgamation, meaning you can sip fancy cocktails at one end of the street and indulge in local street food at the other end.

It’s full of spirit and history

Balinese ancient Hinduism is a huge part of life for many of the locals’ daily routines, so much so that Bali is known as the Island of the Gods. This spiritual culture focuses on balance and harmony, promoting a tranquil and peaceful way of life.

This is reflected in the spiritualism and history present throughout the island in the form of landmarks. From temples to monuments, Bali has plenty of stories and wisdom to impart.

It’s got plenty of adventure and attractions

Colourful celebrations, ceremonies and festivals are a regular sight in Bali, and there are plenty of breath-taking landmarks like volcanoes, tropical forests and stunning waterfalls to set the scene. It’s also got plenty of nightlife and shopping districts too.

It’s full of amazing accommodation

Once upon a time Bali’s accommodation was only really suited to thrill seekers wishing to be at one with nature. Nowadays however, even the most luxury-loving traveller can find somewhere to suit them on the island. From five star hotels to private villas, there’s something for everyone. There are even recognized companies like the Grand Hyatt and the Four Seasons setting up shop (or hotel) on Bali.

It’s surrounded by stunning islands

Bali is just one of Indonesia’s staggering 18,000 islands. Many of Bali’s closest island neighbours are accessible via regular boat trips, allowing you to get a closer look at the surrounding land and ocean. Many of the islands are small, peaceful and perfectly preserved in their natural state. Lombok, an island to the east of Bali, is actually bigger than Bali but is practically untouched by modern society.

Remember to stay safe abroad

Travelling to Bali is an incredible, life-changing experience. Don’t let it get ruined by illness. Travelling to South East Asia requires more vaccinations than anywhere else in the world, including for serious conditions like Cholera, Diphtheria and Hepatitis. These conditions can often lead to long term discomfort and sickness, and can even be life threatening if not treated.

Vaccinations for all of these conditions and more are available through Express Travel Clinic.

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