If you’re more of a shorts, T-shirt, sun-kissed skin and cocktails by the pool kind of person at Christmas you may well be flying off to an exotic location in the next few days. After all, who really likes snow anyway?

But with all those last minute gifts to friends and family to consider before you pack your bags, you could be forgiven for missing some of those important holiday details – changing money, getting travel insurance . . . and checking out the immunisations you should be receiving.

One of the most popular destinations for Brits heading abroad in the winter, due to a combination of climate, cheap travel and a wealth of accommodation options is Morocco. It screams exotic and beckons with its beautiful landscapes and luscious culture. However, there are a number of immunisations you should consider before handing over your boarding pass at the airport gate.

What vaccinations do I need for a holiday in Morocco?

–       Hepatitis A – it is prevalent in areas with poor hygiene and can be contracted through the consumption of contaminated food or water. All you need is two injections for long term protection.

–       Hepatitis B – it is usually spread through contaminated blood in various ways including sexual intercourse or needles (so try refraining from holiday tattoos or piercings!) While it is a global disease, risk of exposure in African countries is particularly high.

–       Typhoid – it is spread through contaminated water or food which has been in contact with contaminated water and is a risk in areas with poor sanitation and food hygiene, such as Morocco. Vaccination includes either an injection or orally administered capsules.

Travelling as a family? Specific precautions are often required for children when it comes to immunisations, so it is important that you consult a travel clinician to discuss these requirements in more detail.

Wherever you are heading, Express Travel Clinic can help you to ensure that you have a very jolly holiday rather than a nightmare before Christmas. With clinics in Acton, Hounslow and Lewisham, we are perfectly placed to assist holidaymakers across London.

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