There is a familiar pang of panic every traveller experiences when they realise that an all important travel item hasn’t made its way into their suitcase. Passports, tickets, travel medication, sun screen, clothes and other personal items are all things that make their way onto our checklists of essential travel items. But there are plenty of other items many travellers do not think to bring on a trip abroad – items that could help get them out of a tricky spot.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of lesser-known travel essentials that you should slip into your suitcase before they slip your mind.

Duct tape

The phrase, ‘you can never be too prepared’ is often true when you find yourself far from home and unable to speak the local language. Which brings us onto the first item on our list – duct tape. It may seem like an odd addition to your luggage, but duct tape can be an absolute lifesaver when your suitcase or rucksack fails you. Broken handles, tears in tents and backpacks or even just a rip in a sunshade – all of these can be temporarily fixed with the help of a bit of duct tape, which can save you from having the unwanted expense of buying new items on the hoof.

Emergency contraception:

We often pack extensive first aid kits that can help us treat against injury, diarrhoea or other health issues. But emergency contraception is another vital medication not likely to make the list. Holidays, offer us a welcome break from our daily routines which can make it all too easy for women to forget to take birth control pills, especially during jam-packed holiday schedules.

It is important to remember that all forms of contraception are not 100% effective but taking emergency contraception such as Levonelle and EllaOne as soon as possible after unprotected sex can offer peace of mind for women and couples wanting to enjoy their holiday without added health concerns. Of course the morning after pill can be purchased abroad, but women travelling remotely or in places they could not confidently request medication, may feel more at ease buying emergency contraception from a trusted UK pharmacy before they travel.

Our sister website, Express Pharmacy, offers a range of emergency contraception pills which can be discreetly prescribed and purchased online and delivered to your door.

Plastic bags

Whether you are hiking, skiing, or enjoying a relaxing beach holiday we implore you to find a traveller out there who could not benefit from an emergency plastic bag. This is an easy way to protect expensive luggage and handbags from wet swimming costumes, food stuffs that might leak or just a spare shopping bag for souvenirs. And for those prone to travel sickness during flights and long journeys, spare plastic bags are an absolute must. Need we say more…


While the streets of UK towns and cities are generally well lit, not all holiday destinations guarantee the same convenience. For this reason it is important to pack a torch if you are travelling off the beaten track. Even city goers and those staying in built up areas may find a torch handy during a power cut.

And the final ultimate travel essential…

While there are lots of little things that we can pack to ensure our health and wellbeing during trips abroad, the most important travel essential is preparation!

Ensure that you have fully researched your holiday destination for not only local tourist spots that you wish to visit but also for any outbreaks of disease that may be relevant. For many places around the world, getting vaccinations is an integral part of travel preparation. If you are unsure of the

If you are unsure of the immunisations you might need for travel, why not simply get in touch with the team here at Express Travel Clinic and we can advise you on the necessary health precautions.

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