Football fans travelling to the World Cup in Brazil may need the Yellow Fever Vaccine

A global Yellow Fever Vaccine shortage has made it increasingly difficult for travellers who plan to visit tropical parts in South America and Africa to protect themselves from the disease.
The shortage has affected travel clinics, and surgeries across Britain, with some clinics charging upwards of £250 for immunisation.

The Yellow Fever vaccine is recommended for travel to destinations such as Gambia, Cape Verde and, most notably, Brazil.

Sanofi, the manufacturer of the Yellow Fever vaccine, has recently started to issue supplies of the vaccination again, however, there is still concern amongst travel health professionals over supply, in light of the thousands of football fans who will be travelling to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

What should you do next?

Yellow fever vaccine

A Mosquito carrying Yellow Fever

Yellow is a very serious disease that can be fatal, if infected. Before you travel, check the NHS Fit for Travel website to see if you will be travelling to a Yellow Fever Risk Area –

It is important that you contact your GP or local travel clinic 6 weeks before you travel.

Yellow Fever centre

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NATHNAC (The National Travel Health Network and Centre) are the governing body for all registered Yellow Fever Centres in the UK. You can find your local Yellow Fever Centre by visiting their website:
Please note that many of the countries that fall into Yellow Fever risk areas will demand a Yellow Fever certificate as a condition of entry. If you are travelling to multiple destinations, you may be asked to present a Yellow Fever certificate if you are entering from a country that is at risk.

If you would like to speak to a professional about travelling to Brazil, or other Yellow Fever risk areas, please contact us at Express Travel Clinic. We currently have supplies of the Yellow Fever Vaccine at our clinic in Acton, London, available for £60 including the certificate, and we do not charge for consultation.

Stay safe!