Whether you are taking a long haul flight to somewhere tropical or staying a little closer to home, planning your trip in advance not only saves you time and money but limits the stress and reduces the risk of health issues that could turn your dream holiday into a real nightmare.

While the factors affecting travellers and the likelihood of contracting diseases varies from destination to destination, taking steps to protect your health is one way to ensure you enjoy every aspect of your upcoming holiday.

Work with your travel clinician

Seeing a health professional before you travel should be a part of every traveller’s preparations. Unfortunately, some of the most beautiful and exotic destinations on the planet are also home to many of the most dangerous diseases. By working with your travel clinician you can carefully consider the risk factors associated with your destination country and reduce the possibility of contracting harmful diseases that may be prevalent there.

It is always important to give your travel clinician as much information as possible about your travel itinerary to ensure they have the full picture before making any recommendations. Your itinerary includes:

  • Where you will be traveling to
  • Whether you will be staying in urban or rural areas
  • How long your visit will last
  • What time of year you are visiting in
  • The expected condition of your accommodation – will air conditioning be available? Will you be staying in an open-air tent or screened area?
  • Transfer plans – including mode of transport you intend to use
  • The food and drink available in your destination country
  • Any planned activities you have booked or are considering booking.

Get clued up on your travel vaccines

An experienced travel clinician will be able to advise on the appropriate travel vaccines or immunisations required for a given country or region. Whilst your holiday destination may look idyllic, even the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean carry health risks that you should be aware of. In some parts of the world, you may be exposed to diseases such as yellow fever, typhoid fever, meningococcal disease, hepatitis, hepatitis B and rabies.

Knowing which travel vaccinations you will need to prevent travel related illnesses is something that your travel health clinician will be able to assist with. As you might expect, diseases come and go in different parts of the world and outbreaks of particularly nasty strains can break out at short notice – without making the British headlines. However, an experienced travel clinician – like the team at Express Travel Clinic – are well informed on the latest outbreaks in different regions of the globe. This can help them to adapt and tailor the vaccinations you receive to the current requirements for your holiday destination.

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