Do you consider yourself a football fanatic, a racing enthusiast, an athletics admirer or just an all-round sports lover? It is possible for you to placate this passion through travel this spring and summer.

There are a huge variety of major sports events happening across the globe in cities brimming with culture, charm and beauty and begging to be experienced. Even if your family, partner or friends do not share your love of sports, these cities offer plenty to be experienced for everyone.

From a need to relax, a keenness for culture, a desire to enjoy the beauty of the world and even for those with an appetite for thrilling nightlife, these cities have it all to offer.


The Football Fanatic – Santiago, Chile

4th July – Copa America Final

For any football fan a chance to see the final of this prolific international cup and be at the heart of the action is a truly unmissable opportunity. The sports fans of South America are renowned for their passion for football, so even the dullest of games won’t take the edge off the entertainment value here.

The tournament itself lasts just over three weeks and takes place across many venues in Chile. The location of the final at the Estadio Nacional in the capital Santiago is in the centre of the country offering you endless day trip possibilities to the beautiful Andes to the east and the glorious Pacific coast to the west. You can even enjoy some skiing with the family in the Andes Mountains; yet more variety to satisfy everyone’s idea of the ideal getaway.


The Racing Enthusiast – Barcelona, Spain

10th May – F1 Spanish Grand Prix

Whether you’re a bona fide petrol-head, a part-time petrol patron or you’re just in it for the sheer glamour, Formula 1 has to be the sport to travel for during spring. The perfect opportunity to combine a rich and beautiful city experience with the excitement of one of your favourite sports comes with the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona.

Taking place in mid-May, it is almost as if F1 supremo read the tourist guide before picking a date for this fight for the chequered flag. Spring is said to be the best time for visiting this astonishing city because it is warm enough to enjoy the beaches and outdoor offerings of the city without the mad tourist rush. This means you may actually find a spot to relax on the beach and have the pleasure of enjoying the nice weather in Park Guell without having to dodge fellow tourists’ selfie sticks!

There are endless things for everyone to enjoy Barcelona from sightseeing to shopping and your sports-related fun does not begin and end with the grand prix, a tour of the world famous Camp Nou really is a must.


The Athletics Admirer – Beijing, China

22nd-30th August – Athletics World Championships

For athletics fans, it’s hard to get bigger than Olympic capital, Beijing. This summer you can relive the excitement of the 2008 Olympics courtesy of the IAAF Athletics World Championships held once again in the breath-taking “Bird’s Nest” stadium.

Even if you’re not an avid follower of athletics, the World Championships are the perfect opportunity to indulge in the infectious sporting atmosphere synonymous with the sport. This season Usain Bolt is set to make his return to competition in the 100m and 200m, while British hopes lie with the likes of Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Mo Farah.

Travelling to Beijing this summer will allow you to explore the rich culture and ancient heritage of the Chinese capital.

It is important to note before getting caught up in the excitement and anticipation of these great sporting adventures that some of these exotic cities require precautions before travelling. Eastern Europe, South America and East Asia in particular are home to diseases that we in the UK are not immunised against as standard.

By visiting Express Travel Clinic and ensuring you are up to date on the latest vaccinations before travelling, you can ensure that your holiday really is a sporting adventure – and not a health nightmare.