year out travelMore and more young people are opting for a gap year before they head to university. From Australia to Africa, Vietnam to Venezuela, the prospect of an exciting adventure-filled year has proven to be a big draw for school leavers.

Yet many of these youths are no longer roughing it on a budget in order to see the world. By hook or by crook, a growing number of “year outers” are shunning the traditional backpacker lifestyle and forming a new breed of luxury “flashpacker”.

In the past, backpacking was generally determined by the rough and ready approach taken by young adventurous types. Courageous young adults would undertake a gap year defined by a shoestring budget, poor sleeping conditions and questionable personal hygiene. However, in recent years this stereotypical backpacker has somewhat dwindled. Now travellers can be described as slumming it luxuriously.


What actually is a flashpacker?

According to one definition the flashpacker is ‘a more affluent breed of backpacker, travelling on a similar trail to the backpacker but doing it with more cash in their pocket and the expectation of a little luxury on the road’.

gap year

Lyn Turner, who works for group tour company, The Flash Pack, has put many of these changes down to the rise of technology. She notes that technology ‘has played a key role in driving this most recent jump towards a more connected and gadget-driven type of backpacker”.

It certainly appears that the flashpacker wouldn’t be complete without a mobile phone, selfie-stick and plastic card a the ready. Here”s a more detailed look at what you might expect from the modern flashpacker.

Flashpacker Essentials

  • A tablet or laptop.
  • Smartphone camera accompanied by selfie-stick
  •  A portable charger for smartphone
  • A travel pillow for long-haul flights
  • At least one smarter change of clothes
  • Travel sized toiletry packs
  • Spending money for days of splashing out and treating yourself

Top Flashpacker destinations


Peru: This destination offers the most scenic casino spiele views a flashpacker could possibly desire. But the must-see Machu Picchu isn’t all Peru has to offer. The flashpacker can relax on the coastline’s beaches, or try out some of the lively towns which host excellent parties and festivals. What’s more, this destination offers delicious and unique food so you can develop and broaden your taste-buds while travelling.

Fiji: With its beautiful beaches and turquoise lagoons Fiji is the epitome of luxury for a traveller. Coconut trees, sun and cocktails; its truly a destination aligned with paradise – perfect for those craving a little more luxury on their travels.

Thailand: The stunning landscapes and colourful culture of Thailand has always been popular with backpackers. But as a flashpacker, the cheap living costs allow the budget to be thrown quickly out of the window. Luxury hotels, swanky bars and daring excursions are all within reach for the flashpacker.


Whether backpacking, flashpacking or enjoying a family holiday abroad, it is always important to take safety precautions and plan carefully for your trip. This includes getting up to date with your vaccinations and investigating any current health risks in your country of choice.

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