Adventure holidays are a great way to experience parts of the world and ways of living so few people do, pushing yourself in ways that are easily avoided in the general 9 to 5 life. Adventure travel by its very nature takes people out of their comfort zone, exposing them to new ways of life and ideas. But living life more experimentally shouldn’t mean that you ignore health risks or put aside your regard for your wellbeing.

In fact, the best way to get the most out of your adventure holiday is to make sure you stay safe and healthy. And this begins with paying attention to the basics of hydration, food and hygiene. Whether you are trekking, hiking or exploring, it is absolutely vital that you take care and prepare whatever sustenance you have properly.



Before setting off on your adventure holiday it is generally advised that you pack a selection of meals, always taking into account the need for a balanced diet. Today, there are a number of companies providing excellent expedition food that can be eaten straight from the packet. Meals range from breakfasts to curries and everything in between. Many are even suitable for those with allergies, vegetarian or vegan lifestyles, or even just picky eaters. This can be a great solution in environments where it is not possible to keep raw food at a cool temperature, or where it is not possible to cook raw meats through effectively.

The results of poorly cooked and infected food can be serious. Exposing food to bacteria and parasites can result in a number of food-borne diseases such as salmonella, which often result in vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, dehydration and other debilitating symptoms.

While parasitic infections are relatively rare in the UK, they are much more common in the developing world and can spread quickly through supplies of contaminated food. Examples of parasitic infections include giardiasis, cryptosporidiosis and ameobiasis – a type of dysentery.



As well as planning out a series of nutritious main meals, it is important to pack plenty of supplementary fare. Water tablets could be essential if you are travelling through an area without fresh running water. It may also be necessary to pack emergency rations containing calorific snacks, in case any food is lost, wasted or contaminated.

Adventure holidays are rarely easy, and even those treks, climbs or expeditions that are more suitable for beginners can prove to be tough going. When you need to make a final push, or if you simply find yourself flagging during a particularly difficult day, then you may be buoyed by special energy boosting snacks. High in glucose and other energy sources, this extra sustenance should see you through any bout of tiredness or fatigue.

If the spirit of adventure is enticing you to tour some of the most beautiful and isolated destinations in the world, always remember that careful planning before your trip can help you to enjoy a greater freedom and spontaneity once you are out there in the big wide world.

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