Travelling can do wonders for your health, as long as you take all the necessary precautions. And we’ve got the numbers to prove it

The travelling bug is one animal that can bite hard. Whether it’s during a gap year between education and full-time employment, after retirement or some time in between, the itch to get out there and see the world is one that modern transport has made it so much easier to scratch.

Research has shown that travelling can benefit many aspects of our lives, including our mental and physical health. There are a huge number of reasons to experience more of the world, just make sure you do it safely.

Here are the benefits of travelling in numbers.

Learning, knowledge and education

The numbers show that travelling can enhance our knowledge and even benefit our education. 66% of students who travel overseas achieve high degrees, and 67% of students who acquire a foreign language abroad still use that language often. When asked, 86% of students agreed that travelling is vital to education.

Some of the world’s greatest cities are home to some of the greatest learning resources. In London, Berlin and New York, you’ll find well over 100 museums to explore, while Paris houses a huge 830 public libraries.

Advancing your career horizons

Of those asked, a massive 91% of employers said they recognise the benefits of studying abroad. Not only that, but 73% of HR professionals agree that a constructive gap year is worthwhile. 83% of women who work abroad believe it will enhance their career.

Travel has been shown to boost skills which many would name as vital to career success, such as open-mindedness, communication, adaptability, teamwork and planning. It can open the doors to exciting careers like teaching English as a second language, archaeology or being an International Aid Worker.

Letting love blossom

Paris, London, New York, Sydney and Rome have been ranked as the world’s most romantic cities, while Spain, Argentina, Italy, France and Brazil make up the most romantic overall nations. Paying a visit to new places has been found to increase the health and happiness of our love lives.

58% of travellers admit to having had a holiday romance, and 83% of couples asked said their relationship is still strong and romantic due to regular travelling. It’s not just romantic love which benefits either; more than 50% of those asked said they felt reconnected with their family after travelling.

Your mental and physical health

Your health can also benefit from travelling in many different ways. In fact, when asked to rank their overall health on a scale of 1 – 5, participants who considered themselves travellers rated themselves one full point higher than everyone else.

75% of business executives believe travelling is important for preventing mental and physical burnout, and studies show that an annual holiday can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by as much as 50%. Travelling has been found to benefit our sleep and our immune system, as well as lowering our release of stress hormones and our blood pressure. It can even increase our life expectancy.

Although travelling can benefit your health, you still need to be aware of the risks

Your mind might be all geared up for travelling, but just make sure your body is prepared too before jetting off. Accessing the necessary travel vaccinations is a vital part of preparing for your trip, particularly if you’re planning on travelling further afield.

Travelling is a fantastic experience for anybody, and these numbers show the ways it can benefit your life and health in surprising ways. Just don’t let it get ruined by illness.

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